IT & Communications Technology

Information & communications technology

Welcome to the forefront of innovation in Anguilla’s AZUR Special Economic Zone (SEZ), where the fusion of technology, finance, and limitless possibilities converge. In our digital oasis, we redefine the landscape for Information & Communications Technology (ICT) startups, crafting an unparalleled environment primed for success.


At AZUR, we recognise the transformative power of technology, from fintech marvels to groundbreaking AI solutions. Here, we extend a hand to visionary entrepreneurs like you, beckoning you to unleash your potential within our dynamic ecosystem.


Seamless Setups


Launch your venture effortlessly with 100% foreign ownership and tailored trade licenses.


Tax Benefits


Enjoy a tax-free haven with 25-year Tax Concessions, including 0% Income Tax, 0% Corporate Tax, and more.


Guaranteed Banking


Partnered with EQIBank, secure your corporate bank account with rigorous due diligence.


Empowered Workforce


Extend Multi-Year Zone Employment Certificates with family benefits, nurturing talent for the long term.


Innovative Virtual City


Establish online offshore companies with AZUR’s virtual city, revolutionising business operations.


Global Connectivity


Access new markets, investment opportunities, and global banking services for unparalleled growth potential.


At AZUR, we’re not just building businesses; we’re shaping the future. Join us in Anguilla’s AZUR Special Economic Zone, where innovation knows no bounds and the possibilities are endless. Dare to dream. Dare to disrupt. Welcome to AZUR.